Could Black Panther Be the Movie That Changes Hollywood Forever?

There is a great deal of excitement surrounding the release of the movie Black Panther, with many people hailing it as a true revolution not only for the superhero film industry in general, but specifically for Hollywood in general. Why? Because the movie just so happens to contain a cast that is virtually entirely comprised of individuals of different races. The story of the movie takes place in a made-up nation in Africa, in which the people have discovered a miraculous metal that has enabled them to make incredible leaps forward in terms of technology.



But wait, there’s more: Wakanda, the imaginary country in question, appears to be a poor country to those who are looking in from the outside. However, hidden beneath the holographic dome that protects the occupants is a utopia based on African principles. People are saying that this marks a significant turning point for Hollywood. If I’m not mistaken, “Black Panther” is the first superhero movie to feature a lead character who is not white.


Steel and Spawn are the Unsung Heroes of Their Time.

Many people appear to have forgotten that Shaquille O’Neal starred in the picture Steel, which was released in 1997, despite the fact that Black Panther is a fascinating film in terms of Hollywood standards. It’s true that the movie wasn’t a huge smash, but it was still unquestionably a picture about a non-white superhero. The movie had cheesy script, and the acting wasn’t all that great either. It was overall a disappointing experience. However, O’Neal was a basketball player, not an actor, so take that into consideration. 1997 was also the year that Spawn was released, which starred Michael Jai White. It is largely forgotten now, but when Spawn was launched, it was likewise trumpeted, as being the first time an African-American would be portraying a major comic book superhero. This is because Spawn was the first time an African-American would be portraying a major comic book superhero.


The cinematic adaptation of Spawn did not fare well with audiences, primarily because it was so dissimilar to the comic book that served as its inspiration. And in contrast to other super heroes that have made it into the public arena, appearing in everything from online slots games to clothing collections, Spawn has largely been forgotten about. Having said all of this, Black Panther is most definitely not the first movie to feature a person of color in a superhero role. If this is the case, then why is it attracting so much attention just due to the complexion of its cast?


The Quickening of Hollywood’s Pace

It can’t be denied that Black Panther is an original work, both in terms of the world it depicts and the manner in which it tells a superhero tale. The universe of Black Panther is authentic in its depiction of an African nation, with a great deal of attention being given into the clothing and the sets. However, it is impossible to ignore the fact that the actors are not African at all; rather, the most of them come from the United Kingdom and the United States. However, there are still just a small number of white actors in Black Panther. This fact has not changed. This certainly gives the impression of heralding a shift in the manner in which Hollywood approaches its films, as well as the processes that are used to create such films.


On the other hand, just because of the politics involved in making such a decision, the fact that the cast does not consist entirely of white people has contributed significantly to the marketing of the film. Someone would say that the choice was made solely because it would make a fantastic marketing stunt for a superhero film, particularly one that is based on a superhero who is not very well known. Regardless of the reasons that led to the casting of non-white actors, the movie was a commercial and critical success.


What Do You Think Of Black Panther? Is It A Good Movie?

Even before it has been shown, very few people neglect to ask the obvious question, “Is it a good film?” This is a common occurrence when a movie is so immersed in politics that few people even bother to see it. If one were to believe the reviews, the movie ranks up there with some of the very best superhero movies ever made. The majority of reviewers have been quite positive about it, hailing it as the beginning of a new era for the superhero film genre in Hollywood. Once again, one might make the case that the critical reception was shaped, at least in part, by political considerations.


In either case, the fact that Black Panther is stirring up excitement in the entertainment industry is unquestionably a good sign. Given the nature of superhero films up to this point, it was clear that there was a need for a change. This was especially true when considering the fact that a significant portion of mainstream Hollywood is almost betting its future on superhero films.


The Prospects For Black Panther

Is it safe to conclude that Black Panther now has a future in the realm of Hollywood superheroes given the great success of the film? The future of a superhero show is determined, as it always has been, by how successful it is financially, not by the color of the performers’ skin. It is safe to assume that this superhero will play a significant role in the future of Hollywood given the enormous financial success of the film based on the character Black Panther.

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