In the presence of the Court of Justice, Charles Pasqua

A few days ago, the case on Charles Pasqua, a Feliciaggi, and the renowned casino in Annemasse was launched at the Court of Justice of the Republic. The case is straightforward but difficult to manage; the former minister Charles Pasqua gave permission for the opening of the casino in Annemasse to an alleged “thief” who knew Robert Feliciaggi was successful in the Congo. Feliciaggi helped make a fortune there.

However, the casino issue, which was purchased for approximately 5 million francs at the time, did not obey the rules of implementation (there are already an excessive number of casinos in the region), and the identities of the two partners who acquired the casino were not obvious to the French government.The former Minister agrees to proceed with the transaction in spite of these two significant constraints, despite the inherent dangers.


In spite of disputes with the authorities in France, the casino in Annemasse was eventually sold for more than one hundred million francs after a number of years had passed. As a result of this occurrence, the daughter of Feliciaggi has generously offered the sum of 7.5 million Swiss francs to be used for the European campaign of the former Minister Pasqua.


This is the point in time when the file was initially produced. Since the sad event that occurred in 2007, this case has been publicized, and Charles Pasqua has been found guilty on multiple occasions as a result.


Today, Mr. Pasqua is going to have to defend himself in front of the Court of Justice of the Republic, which is consisting of six senators and six deputies.

He compared it to “passive corruption” in the wake of the “Yes” vote that opened the casino in Annemasse.


Because of this, the judges have established a connection between the sum paid by Feliciaggi’s daughter and the legalization of the casino in the year 1994. This was done in order to account for the circumstances surrounding the transaction. Charles Pasqua has denied having an affair and appears to have no problem dealing with the large trial. The former minister alludes to the fact that he planned to be a candidate in the elections in the year 2000 and that the case had been plotting to kill him because he was considered to be such a key candidate in this election.


Despite the fact that Charles Pasqua has granted him immunity, the outcomes of this trial will be made public at the beginning of May. If he is found guilty, he will have the opportunity to appeal.

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